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SPINE - Signal Processing in Node Environment



SPINE (Signal Processing in Node Environment) is a software Framework for the design of Wireless Sensor Network applications. SPINE enables efficient implementations of signal processing algorithms for analysis and classification of sensor data through libraries of processing and utlility functions and protocols. SPINE currently includes: (i) a library of features computing parameters of the sensor data such as variance, mean or range of the sensor data; (ii) an over-the-air protocol that allows the coordinator of a WSN to dynamically request the computation of specific features to the sensor nodes and obtain the result; (iii) a set of utility functions such as a circular buffer and a sorting algorithm. The Framework is developed in TinyOS environment. SPINE is free software and is distributed by Telecom Italia, the copyright holder, in open source software under the terms of the LGPL (Lesser General Public License Version 2). The latest version of SPINE is SPINE 1.0 released on January 2007.

Telecom Italia Lab

DEC 2007-oN going

ELDATool - A Tool for prototyping Multi-Agent Systems based on Event-driven Lightweight Distilled Statecharts-based Agents


The ELDATool is a Statecharts-based visual tool for the rapid prototyping of Multi-Agent Systems based on the Event-driven Lightweight Distilled Statecharts-based Agents (ELDA) model. In particular, the ELDATool, which is implemented in Java as an Eclipse plug-in, supports an iterative process involving the following phases: detailed design, automatic code generation and simulation. The high-level design, which is the input to this iterative process, can be obtained through currently available agent-oriented methodologies such as PASSI and GAIA.

UniversitÓ della Calabria

JUN 2006-oN going

MENTE - Management of Integrated Enterprise


The MENTE project aims at developing a pervasive system for the control and management of productive, organizational, and business processes of companies working in the agro-alimentary industry of Calabria. In particular, I'm involved in the design and development of the WS (Workflow System) component, which allows for the global coordination of the monitoring of the productive processes carried out in several companies.

MIUR - in the framework of the  research project PON (N░12970-Mis.1.3).

Apr 2004-DEC 2005

COMODIN - Cooperative Media On-Demand on the Internet

Principal Investigator

The goal of the COMODIN project is the development of a cooperative and content-enriched media on-demand system based on IP. The server complex, i.e., the set of the system components at the server site, provides navigation, reservation, registration and streaming of media objects enriched with metadata. On the basis of such services, two multimedia distributed applications, namely Distributed Virtual Theaters (DVT) and Cooperative On-line/Off-line Learning Environment (COOL-E), will be built and evaluated. The implementation stage relies on the Java Platform. Regarding the communications aspects of the system three key elements have to be considered: multicast, scalability and IPv6.

MIUR - in the framework "Italy/Spain Integrated Actions" (Project IT-592)

jan 2002-SEPT 2004

ACTIWARE - Software Infrastructures for Highly Dynamic Distributed Computing


The main goal of the ACTIWARE project is the definition and the development of highly flexible distributed computation models and customizable software infrastructures based on code mobility which can fully support emergent application domains in highly dynamic, large-scale and massively heterogeneous environments. 

UniversitÓ della Calabria

Jan 2002-DEC 2005

AgentLink III - Co-ordination Action for Agent Based Computing

DEIS - Contact Point

AgentLink III is the premier Co-ordination Action for Agent Based Computing, funded by the European Commission's 6th Framework Program. Launched on 1st January, 2004, it provides support for the network of European researchers and developers with a common interest in agent technology through events aimed at industry outreach, and standardisation issues, as well as providing support for academic events and providing resources through the AgentLink Portal.

European Commission's 6th Framework Program

Jan 2004- Dec 2005

P2PWEB: Development of a P2P infrastructure based on mobile agents for next generation Internet applications

Principal Investigator

The main goal of the P2PWEB project was to develop a P2P infrastructure based on event-driven lightweight agents atop which to develop private multimedia web space.

UniversitÓ della Calabria - in the framework of the project "Giovane Ricercatore"

Sept 2003-SEPT-2004

VVG - The Virtual Video Gallery: A user-centred media on-demand system

Principal Investigator

The main goal of the VVG project was to develop a distributed IP-based media on-demand system whose access and use is granted through the integration of a Multimedia GUI and a Virtual World.

partially by AVR Inc. (Advanced Virtual Research)

JAN 2001- DEC 2003