GII Doctoral School on Advances in Databases - 2009


University of Calabria, Rende & Hotel S. Michele, Cetraro – Italy

September 7-18, 2009






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The doctoral school will take place at the University of Calabria on September 7-12, 2009, and at Hotel S. Michele on September 12-18, 2009.

The intended participants of the school are Ph.D. students and post-docs within computer engineering and computer science, for whom there will be no participation fee.


- Data exchange and integration
- Data privacy and security
- Knowledge discovery in databases
- Relational databases, logic, and complexity
- Foundations of XML
- Stream databases
- Uncertain and probabilistic databases


The GII Doctoral School in Computer Engineering is organized by GII (Gruppo Ingegneria Informatica), in collaboration with GRIN (Gruppo di Informatica), as a common educational place for the doctoral university students from Italy and abroad with strong motivation towards Computer Engineering and Computer Science disciplines and applications. The GII school aims to be an international forum where doctoral students may meet, discuss and learn.
The school contributes to the education of students providing thematic lectures on relevant scientific and technological topics and occasions to meet and share experiences with colleagues and teachers. The model of the schools is that of a “full immersion” experience far from the usual activities of the students in their departments.
Every year a program is proposed that is focused on relevant topics covering foundational and research aspects as well as social and economic implications and their applicative fallout. In this respect, besides members of the academia, also experts from industry, public administration and private companies are invited as lecturers.The school comprises assessments of activity and involvement of the participants accordingly to suggestions of the teachers. The evaluations may be reported to the students' institutions to be converted in educational credits.
The school has been hosted in Rovereto (1995), Pavia (1996), Benevento (1997), Como (1998), Torino (1999 and 2000), Volterra (2002), Siena (2003), Benevento (2004), Siena (2005), Padova (2006), Palermo (2007), and L’Aquila (2008). An average of 50 students per year has taken part to the school.



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