Programmazione Logica e Architetture Parallele

(Logic Programming and Parallel Architectures)

authored by

Mario Cannataro, Giandomenico Spezzano, and Domenico Talia

published by Franco Angeli, Milan, Italy.

This book describes techniques and methodologies for the implementation of the logic programming paradigm on parallel architectures. After an introduction to basic concepts of parallel architectures and logic programming, the book describes the various forms of parallelism in logic programs and systems that exploit them.

As a study case, the PALM (Parallel Logic machine) system developed at CRAI is presented in detail. The techniques used in the implemention of PALM on a distributed-memory parallel computer are discussed. In the Appendix, the Occam language and the Transputer Architecture are described.

Collana CRAI,

Catalog #272.10

pages 224

Price: 38,000 Lit.

ISBN #88-204-8041-7

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