Programming Languages for Parallel Processing

edited by

David B. Skillicorn and Domenico Talia,

published by the IEEE Computer Society Press.

"The book is a well-focused, well-balanced look at parallel-programming systems."
from the Gregory Wilson's review in Bookshelf, IEEE Software, p. 134, July 1996*.

The book contains a set of high-quality papers describing various paradigms which have been defined and implemented to support different models of parallelism. They represent a balance of practical approaches currently used by many practitioners (e.g., C*, Occam, PVM, HPF, Linda, Sisal, ABCL/1) and research proposals which will be fruitful in the near future (e.g., Orca, Concurrent Aggregates, PCN, Actors, Mentat, Concurrent Constraint languages, CC++, P3L, BSP language).

This book presents and discusses programming languages for parallel processing architectures. The aim of the book is to give an overview of the most important parallel programming languages designed in the last decade and to introduce issues and concepts related to the development of parallel software. The book covers both parallel languages currently used to develop parallel applications in many areas from numerical to symbolic computing, and new parallel programming languages that will be used to program parallel computers in the next ten years.

The text first gives an overview of parallel programming paradigms and discusses the major properties of several parallel programming languages. Papers describing parallel programming languages are then collected into six sections, classified according to the paradigm they use to express parallelism: languages based on the shared-memory model (Section 2), languages based on the distributed-memory model (Section 3), parallel object-oriented languages (Section 4), parallel functional programming languages (Section 5), and concurrent logic languages (Section 6). Finally, a collection of innovative approaches to parallel programming is presented in Section 7. An introduction is provided for each section. An extensive bibliography is also provided.

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IEEE Computer Society Catalog # BP06502.

ISBN #0-8186-6502-5.

416 pages.

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*You can find here the complete review.

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