NUMTA2019 title page
Numerical Computations:
Theory and Algorithms

The 3rd International Conference and Summer School
dedicated to the 80th birthday of Professor Roman G. Strongin
June 15 – , 2019
TH Le Castella Village
Le Castella – Isola Capo Rizzuto
Crotone, Italy
NUMTA2019 Topics
Topics of the NUMTA2019 conference

Bifurcation and stability of dynamical systems
Cellular automata
Computability and complexity
Computation on infinite structures
Computational biology and bioinformatics
Computational chemistry
Computational fluid dynamics
Computational geometry
Computational physics
Computational statistics
Constructive models
Continuous optimization
Difference equations
Differential equations
Discrete optimization
Divergent series, integrals and processes
Domain decomposition methods
Dynamics and control of nonlinear systems
Emerging computational paradigms
Evolutionary methods
Foundations of mathematics
Fuzzy computation
Global optimization
History of numerical computations
Interval analysis
Machine learning
Mathematical logic
Modeling: continuous vs. discrete
Models of computation
Multidisciplinary design optimization
Multi-objective control and optimization
Natural computing
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos
Numbers and numeral systems
Numerical economical models
Numerical infinities and infinitesimals
Numerical linear algebra
Numerical modeling in physics
Optimal control
p-Adic analysis and applications
Parallel and distributed computing
Perturbation methods for nonlinear system analysis
Philosophy of mathematics
Quantum computing
Theory of algorithms
Unconventional computing
Universality and relativity in language and mathematics
Variational analysis